Franciful Sweet Works


Your personal baker

I don’t know what you were doing when you were little, but I was the last of four girls — baby Frances as I was know at the time… named after my mom, so in our very Italian family the nickname was a natural.   I have, thankfully, outgrown it.

I was pretty much tied to my mom’s apron strings… not literally, just always in the kitchen with her… cooking, baking, learning. My three sisters would go off to catholic school and off to the kitchen we would go.  Through the years she expanded her culinary education returning home to share her knowledge and skills with her daughters. Each of my sisters is talented when it comes to the kitchen… a legacy we gladly owe to our Mom.

She was a perfectionist and as I watched, she taught me to be precise.  Its what I believe is the difference of good and Wow when it comes to the end results.  I’ve been accused of being too fussy and too much of a perfectionist, and to me it’s a great compliment.

I grew up in a time when store bought and fast food was unheard of. Call me crazy, but I like the old fashion way.  Measure, mix, bake… eat. A simple process with fresh ingredients that always puts a smile on someone’s face —   a great reward.

Franciful Sweet Works is my way of bringing fresh baked, fun, and delicious goodies, the kind I grew up with, to today’s crazy-busy world.  Consider me your personal baker.