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What’s Franciful

Franciful Sweet Works is built on the sweet idea of a personal baker

Franciful Sweet Works is built on the idea that you have a personal baker. No counter or glass between us, just you and me, your personal baker, talking on the phone or over a cup of something steamy deciding on exactly what it is that you’d like to have made for you.  Whether it’s a platter of theme cookies to bring to a party, or favors for a shower, or cookies to send off to that college student for a treat, or having a batch of cookies in the freezer, I bake for you.

No mass production, small batches made from scratch with attention to detail. Today’s world means you go at a hundred miles an hour and you start to believe breathing is optional…. who has time anymore?  I aim to make it easier for you. Consider Franciful Sweet Works your frazzle-free zone.  We’ll even deliver.

The freshest ingredients are used and organic when possible or specifically requested. We make gluten free cakes and cupcakes and will soon be making gluten free artisan breads.

Beyond specialty cookies, there are the decorated cakes, seasonal pies, sweet breads, a variety of cookies and some chocolate candies.  All made to order for you. Take a look though the Sweet Works tab for an idea of the variety.  This is just a sampling so if you don’t see what you had in mind, just ask.

I also offer a monthly baking service.  If you’re familiar with the concept of community supported agriculture, then you have an idea of how this works. In it’s simplest terms, it’s a monthly program of baked goods for a set fee.  Read more about it in the Community Baking tab.

Remember, busy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on home made goodies.

Consider me your personal baker. I’m a phone call or an e-mail away to place an order.