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Franciful Cookies
Specialty Cookies in a variety of dough and flavors
Sugar Cookies – decorated
Gingerbread Cookies – decorated
Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies – decorated

Franciful Cakes

Carrot Cake
Chocolate Peanut Butter – 4 layer cake with ganache frosting
Cheese Cake – full and mini
Golden Butter Cake (variety of fillings)
Festive/Holiday/Occasion Cakes

Cookie Goodness
Linzer Cookies
Chocolate Chippers
Butterfinger Cookies
Empire cookies
Biscotti – Variety
Pecan Tartlets
Russian Tea Cakes

Franciful Candies
Buckeye Balls

Plenty of Pie
Apple Pie
Fruit Pies- Variety of flavors
Pocket Pies – Variety of flavors

Sweet Breads
Banana – full and mini
Zucchini – full and mini
Pumpkin bread – full and mini
All cookies, pies and sweet breads can be frozen for future enjoyment.

Homemade cookie dough ready to go in your freezer…. Go from freezer to yum in just minutes.